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  Section C Dictation

  B) To reduce his weight.                   D) To follow her advice。

According to a study, the infant death rate in thatrural area is 7 times as high as the national average.

July 25,2002Royal Caribbean defers newbuild optionsRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. today announced better than expected second quarter earnings of $66.7 million or $0.34 per share but nonetheless said it was extending until September 30 the expiration of options it holds for two more Radiance class newbuilds, because of "uncertainty" about its proposed acquisition of P&O Princess Cruises.The second quarter figure of $66.7 million compares to $81.7 million or $0.42 per share for the second quarter of 2001. Net revenues per available passenger cruise day were down 3.3%, which was significantly better than previous guidance of a decline in the range of 5 to 7%. At June 30th, the company's net debt to capital ratio was 56.6% and liquidity was approximately $1.6 billion. The outlook for the remainder of the year also continues to improve from earlier guidance, says Royal Caribbean, which now forecasts that yields for the third quarter of 2002 will be down 2 to 4%, while yields in the fourth quarter will be up 4 to 6% from the same quarters in 2001. For full year 2002, yields are expected to be down 2 to 3% from 2001. Revenues for the second quarter were $821.8 million, essentially unchanged from the same quarter prior year. The impact of an increase in capacity was offset by the decrease in yields and a significant decline in the number of guests purchasing air transportation from the company. The trend for more passengers to drive to the point of embarkation or to arrange for their own air transportation continues. As a result, the percentage of guests booking air travel through the company dropped from 26.7% in the second quarter of 2001 to 14.5% in 2002. "The recovery from the events of September 11th has been extremely encouraging from both a pricing and occupancy perspective," said Chairman & CEO Richard D. Fain. "The industry and our company are proving to be very resilient, and this leads me to be very optimistic about the company's future performance." Royal Caribbean previously gave guidance that it expected total operating costs (operating plus SG&A expenses) excluding fuel for the full year to drop 5% on a per available berth day basis. The drop in the second quarter was in fact significantly higher, at 13.2%. Contributing to this were reduced air transportation costs associated with fewer passengers purchasing air tickets from the company and lower commission costs associated with lower ticket prices. Due to the anticipated return to more normal air/sea levels and an increase in commissions as well as certain timing issues, the company believes that the previous guidance continues to be accurate. The change in the sale of air tickets to guests has only a minimal impact to the company's net income. Therefore, the company believes changes in running expenses (i.e., those expenses directly associated with shipboard operations) and SG&A to be a more relevant measure of its ability to control costs in a manner that positively impacts the bottom line. For the quarter, running and SG&A expenses excluding fuel were down 6.9% on an available berth day basis. For the year, the company expects these costs to improve 3.5 to 4.0% on the same basis. During the quarter the company took delivery of Constellation, the last of the Celebrity newbuilds on order. The delivery of Constellation grows the Celebrity fleet to a total of nine ships, which have an average age of approximately 4 years. Celebrity's fleet was recently recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard for its superior environmental operations with the 2002 William M. Benkert Award for Environmental Excellence. The company has also added Brilliance of the Seas to its fleet, the second in the 2,100-passenger Radiance-class series for Royal Caribbean International. The ship, which has noise and vibration measurements one-fourth of what is specified in the contract, has achieved the highest rating ever measured for these qualities by Det Norske Veritas. In connection with the delivery of Constellation, the company utilized an export financing facility, which has a floating rate of LIBOR plus 1.5% and amortizes over eight and one half years. Brilliance of the Seas was financed through a long-term operating lease. The term of the lease is 25 years and is cancelable in years 10 and 18. The effective interest rate of the lease is approximately 5.75%. Following delivery of Constellation, total debt as of June 30, 2002 was $5.6 billion. Cash and cash equivalents were approximately $600 million as of that date, and the company's $1 billion revolving credit facility was fully undrawn, for liquidity of $1.6 billion. The company also has available export financing facilities for approximately $600 million for the deliveries of Serenade of the Seas and Jewel of the Seas. The company has options for construction of two additional Radiance-class ships for delivery in 2005 and 2006. "In light of the uncertainty relating to the proposed combination with P&O Princess," says Royal Caribbean, "the company has extended the expiration date on these options to September 20, 2002. Based upon the company's current estimates of revenues and expenses, it believes the consensus of analyst estimates for 2002 full year EPS to be reasonable. Looking forward, the booking period for 2003 is just beginning. This, coupled with the limited visibility resulting from the current close-in booking environment, makes it difficult to provide guidance for next year. However, if 2003 yields return to 2001 levels, the company expects that it will meet or exceed current consensus for 2003 full year results. Separately, the company disclosed that it expects to incur approximately $25 million in costs related to the proposed combination with P&O Princess. If the transaction is completed as contemplated, these costs, together with additional success fees, will be capitalized as part of the overall transaction. In the event the combination does not occur, these costs will appear as part of operating expenses in the quarter that the final determination about the transaction is made.Yesterday Royal Caribbean issued a statement expressing "disappointment" over the clearance by the EU Commission of Carnival's bid for Princess. Fain said he was "surprised" at the finding, which accorded neither with Royal Caribbean's own analysis of the cruise industry in Europe nor with earlier reports of the EU inquiry's own findings. Royal Caribbean said it had been allowed no opportunity to comment on this change of direction, signaled at the start of last week. "The abrupt change effectively reversed an earlier conviction among Commission officials and many others involved in the process, based on many months of analysis, that Carnival's bid should be prohibited or cleared only subject to major disposals," said theRoyal Caribbean statement. At a meeting on July 15 between senior representatives of Royal Caribbean and the Competition Commission, "no mention whatever was made of the Commission's altered views on the key issues under investigation. Nonetheless, the intention to issue a clearance decision was apparently communicated to the media even while the meeting was still in progress." Fain said: "The Commission has opted for a peremptory merger clearance. Earlier analyses and widely mooted decisions were abruptly reversed behind closed doors. The concerns of Royal Caribbean and many other third parties over the Carnival bid have been set aside. No explanations have been given, nor reactions sought, in ways that might have allowed a timely consideration of these parties' views -- not least via an Oral Hearing. Such procedural short-cuts have sadly diminished the openness and transparency that all parties rely upon in circumstances such as these." Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean says it remains committed to its agreed merger with P & O Princess Cruises, which has been approved by the competition authorities in Germany and the U.K. Both the agreed merger and Carnival's hostile bid are still conditional upon regulatory approval by the Federal Trade Commission in the US. "We are doing everything we can to assist the FTC and to help it distinguish clearly between the likely contrasting consequences of the two rival transactions," said Fain

  In short, as the price of computation has declined, the average consumer and business have spent more on purchasing computers . By contrast, improved agricultural technology, high breed seeds. scientific animal breeding and so on , have vastly increased the amount of output a typical farmer can produce . The prices of goods, such as meats and grins have fallen sharply relative to the prices of most other goods in services. As agricultural prices have fallen, many households have decreased their total expenses on food. Even though the quantity of a product purchased generally increases when its price falls, total expenses on it may decline。

  D)She is a black woman。


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  B) The supplies are out of stock for the moment。

People who died from diseases of heart and bloodvessels have been 150% as many as (those) 10 years ago.

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  Questions 16 to 19 are based on the passage you have just heard。

By 2000, many countries had only half / 50% as muchwater for one person as they had had in 1975.

  Many college students today own personal computers that cost anywhere from one thousand dollars to perhaps five thousand dollars or more. In addition, it is not uncommon for them to purchase software costing another several hundred dollars. Twenty years ago, computers were available, but they were very large and extremely expensive. Few if any individuals purchase computers for home use , over the years , the price of the guts of a computer ,its memory , has declined to less than a thousand of the price per unit of memory that prevailed twenty years ago.This is the main reason Why computers cost 50 much less today than they used to. Moreover, technological improvements have made it possible to manufacture memory circuitry that is small enough to fit into the port able personal computers that many of us own and use。

  18. A) It failed because of a sudden rocket explosion。

  1. A study points out that in that rural area therate of infant death is 7 times the national average.

  D) Mindy Lance threatened to take revenge on her neighbors。

  1. In adults of 20 years old or above, the incidence / morbidity ofhypertension is 5.8% and that of critical hypertension is 3.3%, with the totalincidence / morbidity being 9.1%.

  2. At present, a reasonable intake /amount of salt in diet should be controlled at 7~10g per day, which can bereduced gradually to less than 5g per day.

  3. In 1991, the expenditure forrural health care in China accounted for 33.73% of the total nationalexpenditure for health care, but the proportion decreased / dropped to 32.07%in 2000.

  4. According to the WHO standard,the ratio of doctors to nurses should be 1:2, but in china the ratio is 1:0.61and even lower in the rural areas.

  5. The rate of bed utilization / Thebed utilization ratio in the rural hospitals in our country is lower than 50%,and only 20%~30% in some.

  6. The companies that had conducted/performed health risk factor appraisal increased from 65% in 1985 to above 90%in 1992.

  7. Women who are active in sportsare half as likely to get breast cancer as women who are not active.

  Passage Three

Ten years ago, medical expenses accounted for 10% ofthe total budget, but have now accounted for 30%.

  25. A) She is a relative of Morrison’s。

Winter sports consume / need / use about 110% as muchenergy as spring sports of the same intensity / activity do.

  Section C

People who died from diseases of heart and bloodvessels have increased by half / 50% of those 10 years ago.

  B) They are respectful to their parents.   D) They dislike doing physical exercise。

People who died from diseases of heart and bloodvessels have been 50% more than (those) 10 years ago.

以下是全国大学英语六级考试听力部分真题,以下是全国大学英语四级Dictation原文。  C) They failed to reach an agreement on the price。

The danger of breast cancer for womenwho are active in sports in half less than that for women who are not active.

  13. A) He is getting too fat.              B)He doesn’t eat vegetables。

  1. The largest amount of caffeinereceived by a male rat was about the same as a male human drinking 90 cups ofcoffee each day.

  2. The improvement was 50% or morein more than half of the patients, and there was 70% improvement in some.

  3. From 1995 to 2005, healthexpenses per person rose / increased about /roughly 4 times, from 850 yuan to3200 yuan.

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  1. Ten years ago, medical expenses accounted for 10%of the total budget, but the figure has risen to 30%.


To do winter sports consumes / needs / uses about 10%calories than to do spring sports of the same intensity / activity.

  Directions: In this section, you will hear 3 short passages. At the end of each passage, you will hear some questions. Bath the passage and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A),B),C)and D). Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 1 with a single line through the centre。

  1. The calories provided by carbohydrate are the mainsource of human energy, accounting for about 60% of the total calories neededby man.

  2. In China, 70%~80% of college students suffer frommental problems and 20.3% mental obstructions.

  3. In the recent 20 years, the incidence / morbidityof hypertension has decreased / dropped by 3/4 and that of diseases of heartand blood vessels by 2/3.

  4. Winter sports consume / need / use about 10% morecalories than spring sports of the same intensity / activity.

  C) Considerate.              D) Cooperative。

  1. There were only about 8 thousand doctors when Newchina was founded in 1949, while the number hit /reached 2.5 million 50 yearsin 1998.

  2. In many countries, the average amount of waterused per person in 2000 was only half / 50% of that in 1975.

  D) They were poisoned by the burning chemicals。

  1. In theperiod of 26 years from 1978 to 2004, the number of private-owned hospitals inChina increased roughly 7 times, but their sizes were still very small.

  2. Compared with 10 years ago, people who died fromdiseases of heart and blood vessels have increased by half / 50%.

  15. A) To quit smoking.                    C) To find a girlfriend。

  B) The Nobel prize for literature。

  B) They will soon spread to San Francisco。

  Questions 23 to 25 are based on the passage you have just beard。

  D) The company in re-cataloging the items。

  D) They were arrested for stealing government information。

  B) He smokes too much.                     D) He doesn’t look well at all。

  B) Since he took to heavy smoking.         D) Since he started to live on his own。

  Passage Two

  Questions 9 to 11 are based on the conversation you have just heard。

  D) Installing a few more washers and dryers。

  C) Mindy Lance’s laundry blocked the way to the laundry room。

  B) Someone broke the washer and dryer by overloading them。

  Section B

  B) Limiting the amount of laundry for each wash。

  23. A) She is both a popular and a highly respected author。

  10. A) The person in charge is not in the office。

  B) She is the most loved African novelist of all times。

  C) They were chocked by the thick smoke。


  B) It has been re-scheduled for a midday takeoff。

  B) 0734,21653 extension 51.                D) 0743,62135 extension 51.

  Directions: In this section you will hear a passage three times. When the passage is read for the first time, you should listen carefully for in general idea. When the passage is read for the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks with the exact words you have just heard. Finally, when the passage is read for the third time, You should check what you have written。

  B) They illegally used government computer in New Jersey。

  D) It was delayed for eleven hours and thirty minutes。

  24. A) The Book Critics Circle Award。

  C) She is a skilled storyteller。

  12.A) Since he found a girlfriend.         C) Since he began to exercise regularly。

  Questions 12 to 15  are based on the conversation you have just heard。

  11. A) 0743,12536 extension 15.            C) 0734,38750 extension 15.

  C) To place an order for some products。

  21.A) Someone dumped the clothes left in the water and dryer。

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  C) It has been canceled due to technical problems。

  B) She is a slave from Africa。


  14.A)They are overweight for their age.    C) They are still in their early twenties。

必威,  Questions 20 to 22 are based on the passage you have just heard。

  17. A) They have been hospitalized。

  B) They have got skin problems。

  20.A) Peaceful.              C) Generous。

  D) They are burning out of control。

  D) To complain about a faulty appliance。

  C) Informing the building manager of the matter。

  22.A) Asking the neighborhood committee for help。

  19.A) They made frequent long-distance calls to each other。

  Many college students today owe personal computers that cost anywhere from $1,000 to perhaps $5,000 or more。(26)     ,at is not uncommon for them to purchase(27)     costing another several hundred dollars. Twenty years ago, computers were(28)     , but they were very large and extremely expensive. Few, if any,(29)     purchased computers for home use . Over the years, the price of the “gats”of a computer—its memory—has declined to less than a thousandth of the price per unit of memory that prevailed twenty years ago. This is the main reason why computers cost so much less today than they used to. Moreover, (30)     improvements have made it possible to (31)     memory circuitry that is small enough to fit into the portable personal computers that many of us own and use. (32)     , as the price of computation has declined the average consumer and business have spent more on purchasing computers。

  C) They were found to be smarter than computer specialists。

  C) She is the most influential author since the 1930’s。

  B) To have a talk with Miss Thompson。

  (33)     , improved agricultural technology, hybrid(杂交) seeds,(34)     animal breeding, and so on have vastly increased the amount of output a typical farmer can produce. The prices of goods such as meats and grains have fallen sharply relative to the prices of most other goods and services. As agricultural prices have fallen, many households have decreased their total expenses on food. Even though the(35)    of a product purchased generally increases when its price falls, total expenses on it may decline。

  16. A) They have destroyed several small towns.

  C) The Pulitzer prize for fiction。

  D) She is the first writer to focus on the fate of slaves。

  9. A) To look for a job as a salesperson。

  Passage One

  D)The National Book Award。

  C) They have injured many residents。