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Sunday morning. One of the rare days I can sleep to my heart's content.  Needless to say, I was the last one to get out of the bed.  I walked downstairs with eyes half-closed, put on my e-gadgets at the charging corner, and turned on the phone. It's become a habit of mine to check Jian Shu notifications first thing in the morning.  Something hit me.  My latest post was rejected by the Front Page.

必威 1

Part III Listening Comprehension

By Vincent Ryan Ruggiero

I was utterly speechless.  

Though I am not good enough in the work of our  wechat public number,I learned,tried and I will still love it.

  Self-image is the picture you have of yourself, the  sort of person you believe you are. Included in your self-image are the  categories in which you place yourself, the roles you play and other similar  descriptors you use to identify yourself. If you tell an acquaintance you are a  grandfather who recently lost his wife and who does volunteer work on weekends,  several elements of your self-image are bought to light — the roles of  grandparent, widower and conscientious citizen。<br />But self-image is more than  how you picture yourself; it also involves how others see you. Three types of  feedback from others are indicative of how they see us: conformation, rejection,  and disconfirmation. Conformation occurs when others treat you in a manner  consistent with who you believe you are.You believe you have leadership  abilities and your boss put you in charge of a new work team. On the other hand,  rejection occurs when others treat you in a manner that is inconsistent with  yourself definition. Pierre Salinger was appointed senator from California but  subsequently lost his first election.  He thought he was a good public official,  but the voters obviously thought otherwise— Their vote was inconsistent with his  self-concept. The third type of feedback is disconfirmation, which occurs when  others fail to respond to your notion of self by responding neutrally. A student writes what he thinks is  an excellent composition, but the teacher writes no encouraging  remarks. Rather than  relying on how others classify you, consider how you identify yourself. The way  in which you identify yourself is the best refection of  yourself-image。


It was a post about a pen case I designed with pride and a full week of late night work at the storage room/design studio/sewing table.  Word count over 2K.  Okay, I am not saying effort always turns into accomplishment.  But (now here comes the big "but"), this is something so original that no one has ever thought of, a pen case that closes on its own, cleverly concealed in a shiny pink wrapper in the shape of a piece of hard candy.  The normal (and only) pen cases you see are usually a rectangular base piece with multiple loops where you insert the pens into.  Compared to these simple designs, It's safe to say mine is a work of ultimate cuteness with one-of-a-kind mechanism for the best user experience.  For one, you don't need to insert your pens one by one after use.  You just line them up on the main piece and close the top and bottom flaps.  Then, with one simple press you will trigger the snap bracelet hidden underneath the main piece and it rolls into a perfect piece of candy.  When you unroll it open, all the pens are still lined up the way they were.  

In my daily work recently,I had the access to a total new filed,that is copy.I became a copywriter in a short period.

Beyond feelings is designed to introduce you to the subject of critical thinking. The subject is undoubtedly new to you because it is not taught in most elementary and secondary schools. In fact, until fairly recently it was not taught in most colleges. During the 1960s and much of the 1970s the emphasis was more on subjectivity than on objectivity, more on feeling than on thought.

Oh well, just like a proud parent, I can go on and on about how great my kids are all day long.  However this is not the main point of this post, although this WAS what upset me the most at that moment, so upset that I lost some sleep last night questioning my flaw.  The point is to find out the reason behind this rejection.  

In the first ,I have no idea how to create a wechat public number.Luckily,my leader had done it for me before I became one of his members.I was just like a giant baby in the first few days,and of course,I made my first baby-article.I was very exciting when I held my cellphone and show it to my colleagues.At that moment,my leader did not say anything,I knew he wanted to encourage me.

Over the past ten years, however, a number of studies of America’s schools have criticized the neglect of critical think, and a growing number of educators and leaders in business, industry, and the professions have urged the development of new courses and teaching materials to overcome that neglect.

I am by no means criticizing the taste of the editors who are in charge of reviewing thousands of posts with unthinkable  diligence day in and day out.  In fact, there have been multiple instances where I wrote to the editors who responded quickly by rescinding the rejection and putting my post back on to the Front Page.  I have full appreciation for their hard work.  It's never easy to read though so many posts and still maintain a clear standard.  

I remembered I wrote something about human feeling,decorated with pictures of totoro.Imagining the picture of golden sunset after work,I publish the first article,if it can be regarded as an article.

It is no exaggeration to say that critical thinking is one of the most important subjects you will study in college regardless of your academic major. The quality of your schoolwork, your efforts in your career, your contributions to community life, and your conduct of personal affairs will all depend on your ability to solve problems and make decisions.

I do, however, have a humble wish  that Jianshu will remain a platform that inspires originality and promotes a nurturing environment where writers can grow to their full potential.  

In the following days,I spent some time regularly on writing articles.For about one week,there is no rule about the theme.In this process,I got the way to write a passage.No matter how awful they look like,I love them.

The book has four main sections. The first, “The Context,” will help you to understand such important concepts as individuality, thinking, truth, knowledge, and opinion and to overcome attitudes and ideas that obstruct critical thinking. The second section, “The Problems,” will teach you to recognize and avoid nine common errors that often occur, singly or in combination, during the thinking process. The third section, “A Strategy,” will help you acquire the various skills used in addressing problems and issues. This section includes tips on identifying and overcoming you personal intellectual weaknesses, as well as techniques for becoming more observant, clarifying issues and conducting inquiry, interpreting evidence, analyzing other people’s views, and making sound judgments.

When I started with Jian Shu a little over a year ago, the tag line was “找回文字的力量”.  I had just finished a short (and unpolished) story and was thirsting for a place to show the world how great it was (just like this pen case design).  After some internet search I found Jian Shu, a writing and blogging app that stated itself as a platform for sharing original literature.  Besides a clean UI that is very pleasing to read and write with, I also found countless writers whose knowledge and telant about different topics are so profound that it made me hard to follow their thoughts.  There were also those who worked so hard at what they wanted to achieve that I could only imagine the late nights and weekends they spend learning and perfecting their skills while I was watching TV or surfing the internet.  

From the letters to the pictures,I create or select them with all of my attention to make sure the quality of the passage.Because It is not a story that you will be protected well enough like you are princess snow,yeah,it does matter.

At the end of each chapter you will find a number of applications to challenge your critical thinking and provide exercise for your sills.

I fell in love with Jian Shu right away.  If I couldn't be that good, at least I could have a chance to appreciate how good others are and pick their brain, so I thought.  

I certainly met many troubles in the creating.One side,I do not know what customers the public number serves for.Another side,I have other works to do.They are totally no matter with each other.This is wonderful and exciting.I have nevet done two kinds of work before.

These applications cover problems and issues both timely and timeless.

Overtime I, too, have collected some fans and likes with posts mostly about food, cooking and my craft works.  I am pretty self-conscious when it comes to reading my own work, as I know my writing is far from being readable.  However surprising it might be, many of the posts I submitted were accepted by the Front Page.  Due to the time difference, I normally received notifications during night time.  After each submission, I often found myself going downstairs to check my phone in the middle of the night, just to see how many likes and fans came through.  As I wrote more and more, I soon became used to being accepted by the Front Page, although there was little  improvement in my writing.  Little did I know that I had become this spoiled kid who takes everything for granted instead of earning the right.  

At first,I spent many time on choosing the passage theme,which in my opinion,can decide the future of our wechat public number.Sure,it does in a way.But,one theme of one passage can never decide thing like that.The development of our public number basicly decided by nobody or we can say anybody.Cause at that time,I did not know the most special point of public numbers.It shows us the new pattern of company service to the customers.The customers can choose what they like,whether they receive information from us.

The fourth section of the book, “Some Contemporary Issues,” presents additional important issues that continue to occupy the attention of the best thinkers of our time.

Perhaps another proof of my deficiency is the fact that the more fans I have, the fewer my posts are being read.   Now, there IS a difference between being seen and being visible.  Anything can go unnoticed if you are not paying attention or it doesn't look interesting enough, even if it is right under your nose.  Likewise, just being on Front Page doesn't mean people are gonna read it.  

Kuaiyindashi is our wechat pubic number.The name tells us the main service aspect of our department.We are a good team,we work together without ttoubles,which is nonsence.Of course we have troubles,big ones, small ones.But we work carefully,everyone in the team is good at some fields.And in the end,we become an amazing family.

In brief, Beyond Feelings is designed to help you acquire the intellectual skills necessary to solve the exciting problems of today and tomorrow.

In an attempt to deny my poor writing, I blamed it on the demographic of the users.  Younger people need guidance, advice, direction, answers, facts, data, etc.  What can I offer them?  I don't know how to write Ji Tang.  For the few occasions that I've tried, they all turned to another direction and became something else before I knew it.  I am not a subject matter expert, and if I do know something, it was far too shallow to share.  Besides a few  different aspects and life experiences that come with age, the only thing I can show off is probably my love for arts and craft.  

Sometime,I feel something is so hard to do.Then I send my problem in the circle of friends,that is a new skill I like to use after working here.And guess what?I can get useful suggestions there.From person I expected and person I newly met.In the end, I felt life is simple,in the fact,I hold this creed in the most time of my days and I think I am right.So I will continue.

Chapter One

See, that was where I lost it.  Nothing upsets people more than not recognizing what they are most proud of and care about.  But here, my creations are at the mercy of the editors to decide how far they can go.  

In my work,I am not myself some days.I encourage myself to not be me.And now I know that is totally wrong.I should be me with no shame and many shorts.For people who appreciate me,I am the beautiful girl.For those who are hypocritical,I am not his or her friend at most times.I have my own rhythm and my schedule,most of all,I cannot appreciate him either.So why should I care?


Now that I think of it, this is a truth about life.  You simply can not go far if you are not good enough.  You will fall.  The minute you decide to show others who you are and what you are capable of, you will be subject to criticism from different sources.  The problem is, without being visible to a greater population of writers and readers, you can't be seen.  When you can't be seen, you simply can't get any feedback.  No feedback means you are just talking to yourself, writing your diary in a locked room, or listening to your own echo.  Surrendering posts to one person's judgement makes everyone vulnerable to subjective opinions and unclear standards.  No matter how capable that person is, it's inevitable that he/she will come across something that's outside of his/her realm.  The quality of writers' work should be respected by the judgement of subject matter experts, and then be recognized by showcasing them to a wider reader population.  Receiving feedback from these experts would enable writers to better gauge themselves for improvement, instead of getting a simple rejection notification that comes from an unknown source.  Like a circular formula in EXCEL that yields no solution, this situation benefits no one and, as frustration builds, will eventually drive users away.

My thoughts are a young girl's thoughts.They come from my heart,and I hope they can be protect me after tomorrow.To make me better,I will not forget reading or learning.I have some friends that I have never seen,wish me can talk to them some day.Some day,I will be one of them.

Suppose someone asked, “Who are you?” it would be simple enough to respond with your name. But if the person wanted to know the whole story about who you are, it would be more difficult to answer. You’d obviously have to give the details of your height and age and weight. You’d also have to include all your sentiments and preferences, even the secret ones you’d never shared with anyone - your affection for you parents; your desire to please the crowd you associate with; your dislike of your older sister’s husband; your allegiance to Budweiser beer, the Ford Motor Company, the Denver Broncos, Calvin Klein jeans, and Bruce Springsteen.

Unless, Jian Shu doesn't care.  

Thanks for the kind reminds and help from my leader.

必威,Your attitudes couldn’t be overlooked either - the impatience you have when an issue gets complex, your aversion to English courses, your rejection of communism, your fear of high places and dogs and speaking in public. The list would go on. To be complete, it would have to include all your characteristics - not only the physic cal but the emotional and intellectual as well.

The current tag line of Jian Shu is "交流故事,沟通想法".  I never read too much into this until now.  When it first came out, I simply took it as an effort to increase user interaction, which is key to drawing users in similar writing and blogging apps, so I heard.  Soon came various offline activities in different cities and an personalized front page.   These, however, wouldn't accomplish the goal long term.  Those who come to Jian Shu for social purpose can be easily drawn away when a newer, more attractive app comes along.  Without setting Jian Shu apart from others, it will eventually get lost in the litter of copy cats that are born  everyday.    I am not clear about what Jian Shu is positioning itself as on the market, but I sure hope it's not just a social app where people share posts like a public bulletin board.    

The book is advertising. And the work is meaningful.

To provide all that information would be quite a chore. But suppose the questioner was still curious, and now asked, “How did you get the way you are?” if your patience were not yet exhausted, changes are you’d answer something like this: “I’m that way because i choose to be, because I’ve considered other sentiments and preferences and attitudes and made my selection. The one I chose fit my style and personality best.” That answer is a natural enough one, and in part it’s true. But in a larger sense it’s not true. The impact of the world on all of us is much greater than we usually realize.

After the rejection, I was seriously considering leaving Jian Shu to other platforms that are geared towards craft lovers like myself, or starting my own blog.  Of course Jian Shu could care less about a nobody like me.  Many Da Shen writers have left Jian Shu  as well, or no longer maintain an active presence.  I hope it is all for personal reasons, not because their love for Jian Shu has fainte or they've found a place that suits them better.  

In my daily life,I am a quiet girl.From the college to my home,I am the "poppet".There is a side of rebellious in my character.But I almost lost the ability to make my own decisions.Is not that terrible.I am good looking,but I feel faint in choosing the way of my life.Mother keeps telling me in a very serious manner that the idea I have is not correct.After a long time ,I began to doubt myself in my daily life,cause I found it tiring to listen to my mother's nagging and talk with her about some big issues she identified.I chose not to discuss any problem with her.But I had developed a habit that I can not trust others easily.


But I decided to stay, for I believe Jianshu is still a child that needs time to grow, just like writers do.  

Fortunately,mom realized what she had done not suitable.Work harder,enjoy life,people are kind,appreciate their kindness.

You are not only a member of a particular species, Homo sapiens, but you exist a t a particular moment in the history of the species. Being a young adult today is quite different from being a young adult thirty years ago, and very different from being a young adult in 1500 or 10,000 B.C. The world’s state of progress differs, and likewise its knowledge and beliefs and values. The opportunities for learning and working and relaxing are not the same. So people’s daily thoughts and actions vary.

What it needs is our patience, patience for it to become a place where users find a sense of belonging and confidence for self improvement.  

Variations in place and circumstance also can make a difference. If you’re from a large city, the odds are you look at many things differently from someone in the country. A person raised for eighteen years in New York City or Los Angeles who goes to college in town of 3,000 will find the experience difficult. So will a person raised on an isolated farm. But probably for opposite reasons! If you are an American sports enthusiast, you’re probably interested in football, baseball, or basketball. But if you were Chinese, you’d much more familiar with and excited about ping-ping, and if you were European, soccer. If your father is an automobile mechanic, you undoubtedly know more about cars than does the average person. If your mother is a teacher, you’ll tend have a somewhat different perspective on school and teachers than do other students.

Currently, topic host/editor have an option to provide writers a reason for rejection by writing them a Jian Mail.  I've been doing this for my topic all along to all submissions.  I've never received feedback from other topics I submitted my post to after rejection.  I understand that this is not practical for those popular topics that receives hundreds if not thousands of submissions everyday.  What I would greatly appreciate is a mechanism where hosts/editors can quickly rate submissions in lieu of writing feedback, just like teachers grade students' homework in school.  This shouldn't put more burden on topic hosts since it is the same process, just one more click than what it does now.  So instead of a cold "Accept or Reject", you will also get a 2 star or 4 star rating from someone you know who knows the stuff you are writing about. How awesome is that!  

In much the same way, all the details about your family very likely have some bearing on who you are.Their religion, race, national origin, political affiliation, economic level, attitudes towards one another, all have made some contribution to your identity.

Another key element to this is the topics, which are now hidden after the last version update.   We already know that the official topics endorsed by Jian Shu are hosted by various writers whose expertise is acknowledged by many, but submitting posts to them is no easy task.  Unless you subscribe to that topic, you will need to know the name to be able to find it on the main page.

Of course, people may reject what they are taught at home. People between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one often have sharp and apparently permanent differences with their parents in terms of beliefs and values on many issues. Still, whether you accept or reject what you are taught, your present position grows out of those teachings. It is a response to your upbringing. Given different parents with a different culture and different values - growing up, say, in Istanbul rather than Dubuque - your response would necessarily be different. You would, in that sense, not be the same person.

必威 2


The "smart" topic suggestion that pops up after you publish a post often frustrates me,  as they disappear if I don't submit right  then and there.  (If you know a way, make sure to comment at the bottom please!)

In centuries past, the influence of family and teachers was the dominant, and sometimes the only, influence on children. Today, however, the influence exerted by mass culture( but broadcast media, newspapers, magazines and popular music) is often greater.

In addition to attracting more users, I hope Jian Shu would also consider expanding or consolidating the current official topics.  Like the magazines and TV channels under a huge media enterprise, periodic review of the topics for popularity and quality of posts would also help maintain a healthy and viable writing community.  

By age eighteen the average teenager has spent 11,000 hours in the class room and 22,000 hours in front of the television set. He or she has done perhaps 13,000 school lessons, yet has watched more than 750,000 commercials.

And this, is what I would call "valuable interaction", for both users and Jian Shu.  

What effects does mass culture have on young people ( and many adults, as well)? To answer, we need only consider the formats and devices commonly used. Modern advertising typically bombards the public with slogans and testimonials by celebrities. This approach is designed to appeal to emotions and create artificial needs for products and services. As a result, many people develop the habit of responding emotionally, impulsively, and gullibly to such appeals.

Well, I better stop here before I expand my wish list further.  Greed is no good.  

Television programmers use frequent scene shifts and sensory appeals such as car crashes, violence, and sexual encounters to keep audience interest from diminishing. Then they add frequent commercial interruptions. As a result, many people find it difficult to concentrate in school or at work. They may think the teacher or the job is boring when, in fact, mass culture has made them impatient with the normal rhythms of life. Finally, mass culture promotes values that oppose those held by most parents. Play is presented as more fulfilling than work, self-gratification more desirable than self-control, and materialism more meaningful than idealism. People who adopt these values without questioning them may end up sacrificing worthy goals to their pursuit of “a good time” and lots of money.


The circumstances of our lives are so influential that they affect not only our view of the world but also our view of ourselves. If you were to make a list of your capacities for different kinds of activities, you might say, for example, “i work well with mechanical things, but i have no talent for dealing with ideas.” Would that be accurate? Not necessarily! It would be what you had come to believe about yourself, the conclusion you’d reached as a result of your experience. However, it might very well be a conclusion you reached too soon.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz explains the amazing results one educator had in improving the grades of school children by changing their self-images. He had observed that when they saw themselves as stupid in a particular subject ( or stupid in general), they unconsciously acted to confirm their self-images. They believed they were stupid, so they acted that way. Reasoning that it was their defeatist attitude rather than lack of ability that was defeating them, the educator set out to change their self-images. He found that when he accomplished that, they no longer behaved stupidly!

Maltz records how this same negative self-image kept a salesman from every reaching more than a certain level of sales. When his territory was changed to a larger and more promising territory, he continued to make the same dollar amount, not a bit more. The trouble was found to be not in the conditions of his work but in his self-image. He had decided he couldn’t exceed a certain amount, and so he subconsciously prevented himself from doing so.

Maltz concludes from these and other examples that our experiences can work a kind of self-hypnotism on us, suggesting a conclusion about ourselves and then urging us to make it come true.