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Two Lessons I Learned from Teaching

    From January 27 to February 9,about 14 days studying English.These day no Chinese,only English.At the begining of we are afraid to face the challenge.But we must try our best to over it.

  For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the importance of building trust between businesses and consumers/teachers and students/employers and employees。 You can cite examples to illustrate your views。 150-200 words。

I used to speak so fast, even faster than Victor, but now as long as I step onto the stage I slow down my pace and speak like a sloth. I always have a bad taste in clothing, but now my appearance reaches to a top on every weekend. Why? I have been leaning to be a teacher. Teaching changed me a lot, and I learned a lot from teaching, not only pace of speech,or the style of clothing. Tonight I will share two lessons I learned from teaching.

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Lesson One to Love

TIP family

  “Let students become the angels of love and learning” is a dream that teachers and parents intend to achieve。 So how to create a good learning environment for students is of great importance。 Building respect and trust is the bridges to communicate the emotions of teachers and students。

Before I formally stepped onto the teaching stage, I asked many experienced colleagues for their advice. Among them one sharing was quite special: to teach well, you should learn to love your students. At that moment my reaction was like: what? Love? Maybe you are right, but I won’t do it. I will show you even if I don’t love the students, I will be a great teacher.

  First,I will share my speech with you,i think it is meaningful for us.I want all of people to totally know me.my topic is "Each experience is the best gift".

  To begin with, students can feel the love of teachers。 When students think that teachers love him and value him, they want to close to teachers and they can truly love teachers。 The teacher-student relationship will definitely be more harmonious。

Why I had such reactions?

As we know,everyone will experience a lot of things in their life.Different things will lead to different results for us.we can choose our attitude to face them.

  Besides, building trust will facilitate the sharing of sentiment and ideas among teachers and students, sharing of knowledge resources and insights, and will help enrich the teaching content and obtain new discoveries。

First, I was too tired to love. After modified each slide repeatedly, designed each on-class

Just like me,when i finished my high school.Itook part in the college Entrance Examination. I had a chance to choose my major study English in business university.But the tuition is so expensive,and my family is very poor.The most important thing is that my sister and i both study well.We must go out of the mountain to go to study in the university.Finally, i choose to go back my high school and took part in the college Entrance examination again in the next year.

  Thus, building trust can narrow the distance between students and teachers, which is helpful for teachers’ teaching and good for students’ cultivation。

activity painstakingly, and rehearsed each presentation over and over, I was just too tired to love the students. Another reason was that I hated kids. They are just too noisy to get along with. Look at the mess of them in the classroom, is there any difference between teenage students and bandits(土匪). So I just want to be a good teacher who doesn’t love her students. Absolutely, that thinking was wrong and terrible.

In the following year,I was under a lot of stress.I always told myself.I must try my best to do it. This experience made me more powerful.So when i studyed math in the HUNAN First Normal University.I really valued the chance. I know i will be a teacher in the future.Besides learning professional knowledge well. If i have free time, i will kake some training and studying.During four years of university life.Each semester i did part-time job in a famous primary school in changsha.I just want to learn.And during the summer vacation and winter vacation.I worked in the training school to teach students.I caught each time to learn and got more social experience.I want to be different from other students.that's why so many teacher said i had a wonderful experience,although i graduated last year.


Now I will show you why that thinking was terrible:

During the internship,i was a Chinese teacher in a primary school.When i first met these young children,they are only 5 to 6 years old,and there are 67 children in my class.I don't know what should i do? In our class,there are no teaching equipment.Only a blackboard,so i have to draw some pictures and watch some teaching videos.When i prepared my lesson.Due to i was l learning while i was teaching.At the end of semester,my Chinese teaching level and skills have been greatly improved.And i honored as a excellent intern. Thanks for these lovely angels and the challenges,they made me more confident.


Show 1:

When i graduated last year, there were about 30 new college teachers from the hunan first Normal university.Only i was assigned to the middle school. God also played a joke with me.It is lucky for me to became a head teacher and taught English.But at the beginning of i was so upset, why do i need to teach English since my major is math.That means i must teach while i am learning.l knew i can't change the result.So i decided to catch every chance to study.Except watching the English teaching videos and asking some English teacher. On the weekends, i went to English training school to teach students.Because there are a lot of English teacher,we can talk to each other about how to help students.I think each experience gives me a big help,i valued the chance to study. I always told my students, when i encounter difficulties,you can only find your own way out.Yesterday,i got good news,although i taught ordinary classes,they caught up with there key classes.So i think if you always keep a heart to study.Nothing can stop you.

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Show 2:

In my opinion,each experience can make us more different than before. Because we want to became better and better.Studying in TIP these days make a lot of difference to me.I became more and more confident,i received love and teaching skills.I think this experience is the best gift for me.I love TIP family, i love everyone.thank you!

Teenagers are naïve, but they are not stupid, they are very smart. They can tell who care about them, they also like people who love them. Sometimes, love weighs even more than lecturing itself. If they love you, they will trust you; if they trust you, your lectures got listened to. Otherwise, if they don’t love you,they won’t trust you; if they don’t trust you; they won’t listen to your words.Then, that will be the end of the world.

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Love is the first lesson I learned from teaching. I found love opens a lot of doors, even the door of hearts. I told myself, there definitely will be things or people we don’t like, don’t even pretend to like. Anyway, I should take a step forward, which is to love.

TFC family

Lesson Two to set rules

Second,thesedays.we have learned a lot of useful teaching skills and methods. We have come into contact with a group of positive energy teammates, a group of lovely foreign teachers.In the morning, we can learn an article full of positive energy, learning different famous characters.From these stories, we learn to be grateful and cherish, to struggle and to persevere. 14 days. Every day can harvest a different surprise. Here full, meaningful good every day。

The longer I teach, the more deeply I felt that love is not that all powerful.

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When the students are late for class, I cannot say: hey girl, you are so good! Don’t be late next week. Now sit on to your seat. When the kids got an eight for a 20 grades test,I can’t say: come on boy, don’t let me down. Believe me, if I said that, he would have a six next time.

love children

What should I do? I set rules. Here are some of them:

Kathy every lesson is filled with joy.She is very interested and humour.In class,she always taught us to play games and some teaching skills.we can use different ways to remember each day new words.such like,play games,made storiesand so on.During the class,we not only studyed good teaching skills,but also got a lot of interesting.Studying means that teacher put their heart to teach and students happiness to study.

One minute late,stand-up at the door for one minute. Three times late this term, get out of my class room. Once fail the exam, yellow warning, no improvement for the next two tests, let you daddy call me. Wow, I am such a mean person, the rules are vicious,like the stepmothers in fairy tales! These vicious rules are warnings to tellthe students which are right, which are wrong and when to get punished.

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Why I had the courage to act like a wicked stepmother? Aristotle wrote: seeking knowledge is of human’s nature. The apprenticeship(学徒制) may be the earliest form of teacher-students relation. And coach-athletes relation is another form of teacher-students relation, all of which contributes to the good performance of students. Love doesn’t mean spoiling and unprincipled protection. Rules are necessary. Rules are effective. At least, now more kids in the class get a full mark.

humour Kathy

The second lesson I learned from teaching is to set rules. Rules are necessary not only in teaching but also in our own life. Why we fail to keep fit or lost weight? We love ourselves too much to carry the plans.

During the fifth days totally study English,we are not only listen to lessons,most of the time,we need to talking, talking and talking.thinking, thinking and thinking.we need to took a class only English,we need to added many games to attract students hobbies.everyone needs to prepare a totally English lesson,then share it each other.i love it,we can learn different teaching skills,we also can feel different English class.

I know there will be a long way before I become a great teacher. Now I know the first weapon to be a great teacher is to love, the second is to use rules.

Except studying English,there were different games from a group.we had a party on the weekends,in order to study well.in the daily, we need to speak English together,and caught somebody must to get study. i hope i can caught more chance to study,i must value the chance.when i back to school,i must used the ways to teach students.TIP we are big family!

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